Foon Sham: Works on Paper

USA-based sculptor Foon Sham’s 30th solo exhibition and his first solo exhibition on paper.

(More information here:   Sham’s resumewebsiteuniversity , blogsphotos and videos)

Trained as a painter and sculptor, he has won numerous awards, grants, scholarships and commissions.

A prolific artist, his indoor and outdoor sculptural works adorn galleries and public spaces in 5 continents.

Exhibition:  July 29  – August 18, 2011

Foon Sham, Houses in Flood, drawing on paper, 50 x 76.5cm

“In the over 20 years of being a sculptor, I have done drawings on a regular basis, mostly as visualisation of the sculptures that I was working on or as documentation of my ideas.

I have also done drawings for the sake of drawings, including the mixed media works with wood, leaves, phone books, hands and other objects as part of the components.  I want both the 2D and 3D objects to have intimate relationship to each other.

This show showcases my work in the last 15 years – including 2D representations of my 3D work, plus drawings that are 2D in nature.”

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